What exactly is QwikChange?

It's very simple: with QwikChange, your moveable jaws snap on and off in seconds instead of minutes. A machineable faceplate can be swapped out of your CNC machine fast, getting you back to cutting chips.

QwikChange will revolutionize how you think about holding your parts. It's more time in your day. More money in your pocket.

北京快乐十分走势图QwikChange is a Chick innovation that allows you to set up your CNC milling job faster, change your jaws faster, and hold your parts with greater repeatability and accuracy. If you've been using traditional bolt-on moveable and fixed jaws that can add time, cost and inefficiency to your operations, we've got some very good news for you.

The innovative Chick QwikChange interface provides:

  • Fast part changes - moveable and reversible jaws snap on and off in seconds without tools
  • Accurate and repeatable - fixed jaws designed with the industry's most precise location features
  • No jaw lift - low profile towers with angled interface hold jaws firmly in place
  • Customized fixturing - soft jaws with a maximum machineable area to hold unique, challenging and otherwise oddball parts
  • Totally integrated systems - our jaws, faceplates, jaw carriers and more are all designed with the QwikChange interface, so workholding can be moved from machine to machine, vertical to horizontal, fixture to fixture, and be set up again with maximum efficiency.

We can help you put QwikChange to work for you - it's in our workholding packages, products and accessories:

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