Indexer Subsystem Selector

chick indexer subsystem

Out of the box. Onto your machine.

Get all the advantages of a horizontal CNC machine out of your vertical machine with an Indexer Subsystem that allows you to present multiple workpieces and multiple part sides to your spindle - increasing your productivity and walkaway time.

  • Broadens the capabilities of the machine you already have
  • Adaptable to all models of rotary tables
  • Streamlines your work process with a fast, accurate and simple workholding solution that improves your bottom line

北京快乐十分走势图Our System 5 Indexer Subsystem can also be custom-configured in a workholding package that has been designed for easy integration into your CNC machine.

The Indexer Subsystem can be used with a Chick Multi-Lok in order to machine on multiple part sides with a single clamping.
The Indexer Subsystem is most commonly used when your CNC milling job requires fractional degree indexing.

Configure a Chick Indexer Subsystem specifically for your CNC machine.