Jaws, Faceplates, Carriers & More: Extend your capabilities, not setup times.

Our QwikChange products allow you to use a single system with machinable jaws and faceplates to accommodate many different setups.

chick boltfast jaws

Find hard and soft BoltFast jaws, adapters and more for the first single-station CNC Vise.
chick system 5 qwikchange jaws
System 5

Change your setups and operations fast - with no tools - using machinable jaws that snap on and off.
chick foundation blox

Find Chick Foundation Bloxs.
chick m-system dual station machinable jaws

Moveable jaws interface using a pin, and feature a fixed jaw that locates using a round and diamond hub.
chick e-series dual station machinable jaws

Moveable jaws that interface with a pin and a fixed jaw that locates using a keyway.

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